How to make a bracelet out of a baseball!

Step 1: Using a knife, cut dashed slits around the inside of the stitches.


Step 2: Follow the dashes and cut all the way through the skin.


Step 3: Pull the skin away from the guts.


Step 4: Trim the white of the ball to desired thickness.


Step 5: Cut in half.


Step 6: Soak in hot water for an hour or two, until plyable and stretchable.  I was in a dorm room so I used hot water from the shower and changed the water every time it cooled off but a pot of water on a low setting would be much easier!


Step 7: Stretch out your leather a little bit, just to straighten it out.


Step 8: Cut in half one more time.  (You’ll probably have enough for two bracelets!)


Step 9: Unlace the stitches a bit on each side, leaving string to tie it around your wrist.


Step 10: Tie your bracelet around your wrist and you’re good to go 🙂



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